How do we help Product Managers?

Artizan supports a Product Manager from the Product Discovery all the way until its ready for your development team to pick up and start their sprint! Including supporting AB Testing, User Research and much more.



Artizan help you uncover the best product ideas to work on, it allows you to pull in data from a variety of platforms as well as upload your own to build support and evidence for ideas in your product backlog.

Using our AI engine you will be able to dig deeper into your customer feedback and store everything related to your idea under one roof and present it all to your stakeholders with a press of a button.


Artizan supports a Product Manager roll out new features confidently by helping you evaluate prototypes, Run tests on segments of your user base and bring in data from AB Testing solutions like Optimizely, Test & Target and much more. Help you make data driven decisions and all synced up your Idea



Artizan is not a tool for your engineering teams, there are a number of tools such as Jira, Clubhouse which facilitates this feature. However, we want to help you as a Product Manager get ready for development through the use of our AI Story Writing Engine and track your overall feature life cycle from launch to decommision.

Our Integrations

Artizan integrates with some of the most popular tools in the market which are used to power our AI Tools including Office 365, Jira and add other plugins from our candy store.


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